Platform Integration

Platform Integration

Leverage a robust set of internally developed tools and methodologies to solve the most complex integration challenges inherent to GRC programs.

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Experts in integration with Archer IRM, ProcessUnity, and more.

Don’t replace, integrate.

No need to re-platform: CastleHill develops and manages custom integrations that allow for bi-directional flow of data for both internal and external systems, providing automation and data sharing opportunities across the enterprise.

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Tailored solutions to support your business practices.


Prebuilt Connectors


Select one of our prebuilt integration tools and benefit from the expertise of our in-house developers. With flexible outsourcing , hosting, and payment options, CastleHill is your company’s integration solution.

Archer integration made simple.

Learn more about Estrelica.Core.

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ProcessUnity integration experts.

Your solution for all things ProcessUnity.

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Custom Integrations

Unique environments require custom integration tools for maximum efficiency. We have the resources and expertise to create scalable custom integrations capable of connecting any API system bidirectionally, no matter what platform you use.

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No matter the size of your company, we have your integration needs covered. Our past clients include:

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CastleHill understands that every company is unique. That’s why we provide custom solutions, executed by GRC professionals,
tailored towards your business model.

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