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Platform Support Services

We manage your platform so that you can focus on managing risk.

CastleHill provides implementation and post-implementation service options for ProcessUnity that reduce the overall cast of platform ownership while maximizing efficiency.

Whether you seek professional platform management or an agile capability for configuration changes and improvements, our industry experts support your business goals.

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  • Expert advisory and implementation team maximize platform functionality.

  • Functional expertise for all aspects of ProcessUnity;

  • Built-in resource continuity, with CastleHill acting as an extension of your organization;
  • Cohesive data and workflow solution improves effectiveness and reporting.

  • Best practices configuration, maintenance, and deployment processes.

  • Requirements sessions with clients and stakeholders.

  • Application, prototyping, configuration, and preview sessions.

  • Train the trainer sessions and UAT support.

Platform Support Tiers

Each client is aligned with a dedicated team of ProcessUnity experts selected to support their unique business model. This team acts as an extension of the client’s organization to execute our platform support offerings and maximize platform efficacy.

Platform support services include a monthly allotment of hours that can be used for platform maintenance; user administration and support; and developing or enhancing new and existing applications.

Tier 120

Annual Hours: 120
Monthly Hours: 20

Tier 240

Annual Hours: 240
Monthly Hours: 40

Tier 480

Annual Hours: 480
Monthly Hours: 80

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Looking for more options?

Our Third-Party Risk Mangement/Vendor Risk Management (TPRM/VRM) services are ideal for organizations seeking comprehensive managed services.

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CastleHill understands that every company is unique. That’s why we provide custom solutions, executed by GRC professionals,
tailored towards your business model.

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