Third-Party Risk Management

Flexible TPRM/VRM management for new and existing platforms.

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CastleHill is your end-to-end TPRM Solution.

We tailor our Third-Party Risk Management services to wherever you are in your TPRM/VRM journey.

We are a preferred partner with the industry leading TPRM/VRM solution, ProcessUnity. We provide the platform, implementation, and ongoing enhancements as part of our managed services. 

Our assessment services deploy the right level of resource at the right time, providing resource-continuity and access to a team of TPRM experts on demand. 

Continuous monitoring solutions for Cyber, Compliance, Financial Viability, Adverse Media, ESG, Nth Party Risk, and more. 

Rapid, cost-effective information gathering to help organizations evaluate risks due to unforeseen events, a la carte. For operational programs that require assessment support services.


Cost Reduction

Reduce the total cost of your TPRM program by 60%.


Peace of Mind

Experience full control of costs while focusing existing staff on critical tasks.


Fixed-Price Support

Our onshore team of professionals are here to help.


  • GRCaaS for TPRM

GRC as a Service for Third-Party Risk.

Outsource Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) and program activities. 

Your internal resources should be focused on managing risk. Outsource the daily management of your TPRM program to CastleHill and reap the rewards of an efficient, effective service that reduces assessment lifecycles, identifies and mitigates risk, and delivers peace of mind: your organization will thank you.


Gold provides the leading Third-Party Risk Management platform: fully implemented, fully supported.


Platinum includes resources to manage and execute assessments on your behalf.

Platinum Plus

Platinum Plus includes continuous monitoring solutions for Cyber, Compliance, Adverse Media, Financial, Nth Party, ESG, and more.

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We manage the process, you manage the risk.

Tailored solutions to support your business practices.


Supplemental Assessments

Life happens. That’s
why CastleHill offers
our Supplemental Assessment program
to keep you and your organization covered.

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  • Out of the box or custom program design.
  • Assessments performed in our platform.
  • Our standard questionnaire content, your content, or co-developed content. 

  • Assessment delivery, management, and first-line review: you choose the level of service.

  • Response escalation management.

  • Reporting via dashboards and detailed reports.

  • Data delivery options.

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CastleHill understands that every company is unique. That’s why we provide custom solutions, executed by GRC professionals,
tailored towards your business model.

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