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Estrelica.Core provides .NET Developers with a modern library of components necessary to simplify integration with RSA Archer, using simple method calls and .NET objects. Estrelica.Core minimizes the need to reference Archer documentation and write code directly against the Archer API, leading to a reduction in overhead and the need to access “Tribal Knowledge”.

Awesome features make Estrelica.Core stand out from the crowd

Archer integration made simple

Integrating external resources with Archer requires an intimate understanding of the internal mechanics of Archer’s authentication methods and components. Estrelica.Core hides all of that complexity and the need for advanced knowledge. Estrelica.Core amplifies a .NET developer’s ability to quickly create applications that interact with Archer while observing the Archer permissions model.

Fully compatible

Estrelica.Core is designed to enterprise architecture standards and works with any currently available version of Archer. The broadest feature set is available for Archer customers who manage their own instances, but Estrelica.Core works with hosted and SaaS instances as well.

Enables powerful applications

Extract data for reporting; initiate actions; retrieve metadata; create complex transactional applications with other tools. There are no limitations to the components that you can access through the Estrelica.Core, all without ANY Archer administration knowledge.