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What is ESG: Environmental, Social, and Governance Risk?

ESG (or Sustainability) Risk Management is the process of identifying, measuring, mitigating, and monitoring risks stemming from a company’s environmental impacts, societal behaviors, and corporate governance practices.

It includes the people, processes, vendors, and technologies that are put in place to effectively manage ESG goals set by the board or leadership of a company.

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A workforce under pressure.

Companies are facing pressure to generate and disclose detailed and verified ESG information. That information includes:

Environmental factors include waste management, fuel emissions, water utilization,
material sourcing, and climate change exposures.

Social factors include labor administration, security, diversity, inclusion,
data privacy, and community relations. 

Governance factors include organizational ethics and corporate governance.

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ESG Accelerator for Archer ESG Management

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ESG embodies the risks and opportunities that will influence an organization’s ability to create and sustain long-term value.

A healthy ESG risk appetite distinguishes a company from its competitors.

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