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Address the mess.

As companies expand the use of Archer in support of their enterprise risk management initiatives, support and troubleshooting naturally become more complex and resource-intensive. As a result, processes that used to execute reliably can become slow, unstable, and resource-intensive.

These issues are exacerbated if technical resources lack knowledge about how the system was configured prior to their involvement.

Reset for success:

Understand the core challenges hurting your system.

Implement enhancements without fear that your whole system will come crashing down; ArcherMD provides a framework for future development. We engage clients with a combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques to perform a comprehensive review of your existing implementation. Our expert GRC process and platform implementation specialists will provide guidance and support as they set you on the path to continuous improvement. 

Step One

CastleHill interviews your team to understand the configuration and support structure of your Archer platform, providing the baseline for end-to-end ArcherMD engagement.

Step Two

CastleHill deploys a proprietary software application that runs against your Archer configuration information. This software allows CastleHill access to quantitative data related to the configuration within the platform.

Step Three

CastleHill’s team performs a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative review of the extracted information, succinctly identifying and assessing the health and maturity of key platform areas that impact ongoing support and enhancement.

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* We understand that your data is precious. That’s why CastleHill does not require access to your organization’s data in order to successfully deploy ArcherMD. Our software only evaluates the configuration layer of your platform, removing data access security risks from engagement.

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