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MetricStream is an extremely powerful and flexible GRC Platform. However, that same power and flexibility can make it challenging to implement. Many MetricStream customers end up heavily customizing the application which can lead to difficult and costly upgrades.

Or, they may try to stay primarily OOTB (Out of the Box), but end up with an application that does not really meet their needs or is not easy to use. Implementing and maintaining GRC software is often a significant investment not only of customer’s money (or resources?), but also their time. Having the right support to ensure successful implementation, enhancements, and upgrade of MetricStream is the best way to protect that investment.

At CastleHill we believe in taking a value driven approach in which every decision maximizes your return on investment and minimizes unnecessary and costly mistakes. We have a highly experienced onshore staff that have been involved in well over 40 implementations of MetricStream among them. At the moment, we are successfully managing the ongoing development of a series of enhancements at one of MetricStream’s largest customers.

Our principals have risk management backgrounds along with expertise in GRC software that allows them to understand your organization, your unique needs and how to exploit the strengths of MetricStream software to meet your objectives. We do not claim success unless your implementation ends with better reporting, more efficient processes and high user adoption within a practical timeframe (2 to 4of months not years) for a reasonable cost.

At CastleHill we take a consultative approach in providing you with options and the implications of such options so that you can decide what works best for you. At the same time, we have a deep understanding of the platform and can help you avoid common pitfalls and implement Metricstream software that is upgrade safe. We have demonstrated results and a deep commitment to making our clients successful (we were you!)

If your organization is planning on upgrading, enhancing, or implementing MetricStream, we would love to set up a quick meeting to see how we could best serve you and help you reach your objectives. Reach out to us at, or schedule a meeting with us at your earliest convenience here: We wish you success!