We run the infrastructure, servers and RSA Archer instances providing a full stack offering from RSA Archer software support to holistic infrastructure for all desired environments.

Flexible, Private Cloud Hosting Services for RSA Archer, in World-Class Data Centers, with Guaranteed Uptime, and No Restrictions on Data-Feeds or storage of PII/PHI.

Using best practice driven RSA Archer infrastructure design allows for maximum performance while leveraging the value of a private cloud with on premise capabilities.

Proprietary RSA Archer Management tooling, MetaDetective, enables deeper insight into both platform configuration and DevOps automation.

Hosting Features:

  • Hosting at a tier 5 data center ranked top in the US
  • Full license management
  • Performance SLAs
  • No data feed restrictions
  • Comprehensive performance monitoring
  • PII/PHI permitted
  • Provide on-going Platform Managed Services to monitor the usage characteristics
  • Perform maintenance
  • Interact with RSA Support
  • Perform package deployments for the RSA Archer platform.

As a leader in both RSA Archer development and GRC professional services, CastleHill understands what it takes to successfully deliver and sustain a robust RSA Archer capability. Our professional teams, dedicated hosting services and key partners ensure the highest level of availability, reliability and performance are maintained.

Talk to us today for insight into some of the ways RSA Archer hosting can make you more effective and efficient as an organization while improving the bottom line.