Eliminate the Mess   Address the Mess

As companies expand the use of RSA Archer platforms in support of their enterprise risk management initiatives, support and troubleshooting naturally become more complex and resource-intensive. The systems can become inefficient and slow. Processes that used to execute reliably can become unstable and resource intensive. Technical resources may lack knowledge about how the system was configured prior to their involvement.

  • Do your end-users routinely complain about a poor or inconsistent experience?
  • Does performance suffer during business hours?
  • Does endless troubleshooting drain the availability of platform configuration resources?
  • Have your applications been implemented inconsistently, or in a siloed manner?
  • Is bringing new configuration resources up to speed on your platform a major effort?
  • Do you experience high defect counts related to modifications/enhancements?

Gain Insight  Archer MD can help you reset for success!

CastleHill engages our clients with a combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques to perform a comprehensive review of your existing implementation.

  • CastleHill resources interview client resources familiar with the configuration and support structure of your RSA Archer platform, providing the baseline for the end-to-end ArcherMD engagement.
  • CastleHill will deploy a proprietary software application to be run against your RSA Archer configuration database (either within your network or against a backup copy). This will allow CastleHill access to quantitative data related to the configuration structure within the platform.

Important Note:  CastleHill does not require access to your data, and only evaluates your configuration layer, removing data access security risks from the engagement.


  • The experts at CastleHill then perform a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative review of the extracted information, succinctly identifying and assessing the health and maturity of key platform areas that impact ongoing support and enhancement.

Develop Better Process  Develop A Better Approach to Platform Maintenance

ArcherMD output will provide a framework for future development, based on best practices, that keep your organization from falling into the same traps that created some challenges in the first place. Our expert GRC Process and platform implementation specialists will provide guidance and support on a roadmap to continuous improvement!

At CastleHill Managed Risk Solutions, we bring systems together, providing opportunities for risk management processes and technologies to seamlessly interact and communicate.