• Eliminate problems promoting tested versions to production
  • Focus testing on all places that changes are impacting
  • Find problems due to unintended consequences of changes
  • Facilitate DevOps processes
  • Provide a complete audit trail of changes

The CastleHill MetaDetective application interacts with the Archer API and Extended API (optional) to read, structure and output all pertinent information about your Archer Solutions

The MetaDetective Database is an open Microsoft SQL database that allows contextualized information to be extracted through your choice of output formats, analytics and custom queries

  • MetaDetective captures changes made in the instance at the Solution, Module, Level and Field level

  • Allows for the ability to slice data captured in the MetaDetective DB using any reporting tool
  • Captures detailed information about characteristics of modified fields
  • Field level information includes layout, format, calculations, usage, rules, relationships, etc.
  • MetaDetective can be used to compare configuration details across Archer Instances (for ex.  Dev to UAT, UAT to Production)


Bring systems together to provide opportunities for risk management processes and technologies to seamlessly interact and communicate

  Advanced Features

Reliably integrate data at any level within Archer, from a single field to an entire environment



Normalize, load and extract high volumes of data for integration



Built in flexibility to identify and quickly adapt to underlying application changes


  Data Quality And Lineage

Enhance data management, quality and traceability for BCBS 239, DFS, GLBA, GDPR, Etc.