CastleHill Data Utility


The CastleHill Data Utility (IDU) leverages the MetaDetective Database to identify the fields, applications, solutions and all cross-references that are required to satisfy end user reporting requirements within external reporting tools and/or manage system transactions between Archer Applications and external data sources

All interactions occur through the Archer API and Extended API which ensures that all data structures and references are consistent, business rules are respected and access permissions are applied or available to your choice of reporting tool

Data from one, many or all solutions can be extracted on whatever frequency is appropriate for business dashboards, regulatory reporting, historical analysis and archival data retention purposes

Our goal isn’t to replace Subject Matter Expertise or eliminate an organizations organic Risk Management capability. Rather, our goal is to provide our customers with options for offloading the tactical functions, operational overlaps and operational bias that leads to inertia and inefficient Vendor Management processes.