CastleHill has successfully completed some of the largest Archer implementations.

  • We understand the gaps that exist in the platform and have created solutions to help alleviate them.
  • We have created a suite of proprietary Archer accelerators.
  • Our experts provide end-to-end GRC program design and definition as well as process engineering with a solution-focused mindset.

What We Have Been Able To Do:


Why Us?

  • Implemented some of the largest Archer projects
  • GRC experts in addition to being Archer experts
  • Affordable, experienced staff – 100% on-shore
  • Proprietary accelerators and tools


Realize the maximum return from your Archer investment while lowering your costs.

CastleHill’s Managed Services of your RSA Archer environments will include:

  • Manage all application configuration deployments for your RSA Archer environments.
  • Support RSA Archer software update, upgrade and release activities with your staff. RSA Archer Software upgrades and updates (referred to by RSA as point releases, hot fixes, version upgrades, version updates, etc.).
  • Support for the platform triage process and resolution of platform defects in coordination with RSA Archer application support teams. This will include examining the behavior of anomalous RSA Archer software behavior (as compared to expected function), documenting the conditions under which the behavior occurs and initiating a service case with RSA Archer support teams on your behalf.
  • Lead escalation for underlying software platform defect triage activities with RSA Archer support as required by the severity of the defect and the processes and SLAs established with RSA.
  • Provide a high-level review of Archer upgrades for potential functional impacts prior to those upgrades being applied to the your SaaS environment.

CastleHill GRCaaS will support the enhancements and evolution of RSA Archer.

GRCaaS ensures that you have professional Archer analysis, design and configuration experts available to support the identification, triage and resolution of defects as well as define and implement enhancements or new functionality within deployed applications.

  • CastleHill performs GRC platform capability requirements analysis and configuration
  • Participate in governance and change management
  • Engage with the ongoing governance routines and change management activities
  • Supporting GRC Program strategy and requirements definition
  • Assist with defining GRC Program Strategy and supporting Framework– share industry-wide best practices
  • Participate in strategic sessions to provide feedback for recommendations to enhance GRC solutions, as directed by corporate priorities inclusive of internal/external mandates
  • Support GRC process and requirements documentation (initial and ongoing) in accordance with GRC Platform capabilities
  • Implement new capabilities and enhancements to deployed applications
  • Implementation through the iterative design process that allows for previews and refinement
  • Define the capabilities needed to meet the requirements
  • Design and prototype those capabilities and demonstrate functionality through a series of preview sessions
  • Iterate the prototype based on client subject matter expert feedback
  • Finalize the implementation
  • Unit test and prepare for user acceptance testing
  • Support smaller Administrative updates to GRC Solutions (updates to fields and values, as needed)
  • Deliver implementation documentation (Layout, Workflow, CRUD, etc)
  • Remediate defects found as part of testing process as well as production fixes based on defect prioritization.
  • GRC Access Provisioning
  • Maintain existing access groups and run reports to support ongoing attestations of permissions
  • Update existing access groups to add and remove people as formally requested through the your access provisioning process
  • GRC Platform Implementation Coordination
  • Lead and execute GRC platform implementation processes (Change initiation through deployment)

Our remote platform administration and support will take your RSA Archer program to the next level.

  • Experienced enterprise implementation team with a proven methodology and track record
  • Functional expertise in all aspects of the RSA Archer platform
  • Services provided by a multi-discipline team aligned to each client
  • Application maintenance and deployment processes optimized through the application of best practices
  • Proprietary RSA Archer Management tooling, MetaDetective, enables deeper insight into both platform configuration and DevOps automation