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The CastleHill Assessment Portal (CAP) for Archer is designed to make respondent interactions and data collection efficient and straightforward, with advanced features that go well beyond the current Archer functionality. The Portal is an affordable cloud-based solution with a user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates with your Archer environment. 

With the CAP, your organization can eliminate decentralized communication, limited workflows, and manual data feeds. By utilizing this tool, you will reduce costs and simplify assessment responses like never before. 

So how exactly does the CastleHill Assessment Portal save you money? And what are some of the key features? 

The CastleHill Assessment Portal is a cloud-based solution that is also optimized for mobile use, so you’ll be able to access the solution wherever you need to. It supports both internal and external assessments and allows internal users to have a single sign-on (SSO), so your organization can have quick access to what matters most. The Portal seamlessly integrates with your existing Archer environment, and all respondents operate outside of the Archer environment, which provides you with added security. You can log respondent interactions, analyst notes, and findings and issues right in the Portal, efficiently creating audit trails in the assessment process. 

The seamless integration of the CAP with your Archer environment eliminates the need for spreadsheets and email correspondence as the tracking and communication are handled within the CAP. Organizations will also find that streamlining the interactions between assessors and respondents helps reduce costs associated with your environment because time is money. With the CAP you streamline your assessment process, placing you one step closer to optimizing your Archer environment and maximizing ROI.  

We’ve Been Working to Add New Features to the Assessment Portal 

We now offer the option to include previous response data as part of the reassessment process. Also, respondents can “Ask a Question” directly to your analyst and receive an answer in real-time.  You can filter correct and incorrect responses to shift your focus to potential findings.  We are also expanding the ability to export questions and import responses from external sources. Lastly, we have added enhanced administrator configuration capabilities to ensure better control over your CAP instance. 

Collecting responses can be costly and time-consuming. With the CAP, you can accelerate your Archer environment and get the most out of your investment. No one likes to waste time and money, so why should your organization? Interested in lowering costs and simplifying your Archer respondent interactions?  Schedule a demo or Email us today at