We take your existing siloed platform functions and integrate them for better efficiency.

We understand your enterprise solutions can’t always be a single solution. In fact, the reality is many companies’ enterprise products are siloed – each with their unique lexicon and measured areas. Often, it simply isn’t feasible to abandon your existing enterprise GRC structure to start over, but neither do you want to have platforms that lack the common, functional format that is needed to fully support a robust enterprise risk management program. The solution? Integration.

At CastleHill we specialize in bringing new systems and legacy infrastructure together, providing opportunities for processes and technologies to interact and communicate with each other:

  • SaaS Based and On-Premises Applications
  • Hybrid Data Management and Data Provisioning Solutions
  • People and Technology Driven Process Integration

Your process limitations shouldn’t dictate the effectiveness of your risk management, your risk should drive your process. By integrating your existing functions, you can effectively transform your program to one that is truly risk-driven. We can show you how.

Real GRC Experts. Real Solutions.