GRC is our only focus and is the reason our clients are guaranteed success.

Every client faces a unique set of challenges that are specific to their organization’s risk management journey.  Understanding these challenges and the desired outcome allows the CastleHill team to customize each engagement to what matters most…delivering results that make stakeholders successful! 

No canned deliverables and no leading recommendations with the sole focus of driving more work for CastleHill.  Instead, we deliver concise analysis and internal roadmaps to success, focused on driving effective and efficient programs that lead to ROI.

Client size and industry doesn’t matter to us.  Whether you’re a giant multinational or a small regional company, our process-based approach to advisory still applies and is scaled to your budget.  Our client base includes financial service firms of all sizes, from mega-banks and small fin techs to industrial manufacturers and media companies.  

We have successfully delivered many of the largest GRC implementations across multiple industries, utilizing different platforms.  Our experienced team of advisors comes out of the industries we serve, ensuring that we are intimately familiar with your real-world challenges.

Common Engagement Types:

  • GRC Program Design

  • Current State Analysis and Target State Definition

  • Roadmap Development

  • System Development LifeCycle (SDLC) Management

  • GRC Platform RFP Management and License Reviews

  • Reporting Design

  • Technology Integration Design

CastleHill takes a strategic and process-based approach to integrated risk management while also leveraging our extensive GRC design, configuration, and integration experience. 

CastleHill can deliver these capabilities within a customer’s environment or as a GRC Service.