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ESG Solutions

GRC as a Service for ESG

Learn how CastleHill can help your company manage ESG from the ground up.

What is Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) Risk?

ESG (or Sustainability) Risk Management is the process of identifying, measuring, mitigating, and monitoring risks stemming from a company’s environmental impacts, societal behaviors, and corporate governance practices.

It includes the people, processes, vendors, and technologies that are put in place to effectively manage the ESG Risk Appetite set by the board or leadership of a company.

A Workforce Under Pressure

Companies are facing pressure to generate and disclose detailed and verified ESG information. That information includes:

  • Environmental: waste management, emissions, water utilization, material sourcing and climate change exposures;

  • Social: labor administration, security, diversity, inclusion, data privacy, community relations and security;

  • Governance: organizational ethics and corporate governance

Traditional financial metrics are no longer sufficient. ESG Risk Management requires holistic, dynamic evaluation of risk.

What is CastleHill's
GRC as a Service for ESG?

ESG Strategy
and Roadmap

  • Define the boundaries and scope of the ESG risk management program and objectives;
  • Perform current state analysis;
  • Create target state alignment;
  • Assess data aggregation requirements;
  • Develop ESG roadmap.

Data Collection

  • Determine assessment requirements;
  • Establish findings and issue management processes;
  • Implement quality assurance procedures;
  • Utilize the CastleHill “Business Hub” framework to standardize data so that it is internally consistent.

ESG Strategy
and Roadmap Analysis

  • Assess how ESG goals and strategy are integrated into business activities;
  • Evaluate existing Risk Management processes against best practice processes that identify, mitigate, and monitor ESG risks;Determine solution tier;
  • Evaluate existing metrics.
  • Provision solution envir

Target State Alignment

  • Map internal and external components of each objective;
  • Align objectives to framework;
  • Establish and support evaluation of risk-based factors such as productions, regulations, geographies, and vendors;
  • Refine metrics.

Our Partner Services

MetricStream ESGRC

A stand-alone product that enables a simplified and streamlined approach towards meeting all organizational requirements relating to ESG.

Archer ESG Management

Provides enterprise-wide assessment, mapping, monitoring, reporting, and quantification of the organization’s environmental, social, and governance programs.

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