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Archer ESG

Common ESG Pain Points

Manual Processes

Manual risk management processes often lead to ESG metric data which is not reliable or relies on a collection process that is too slow. As a result, data is often out of date as soon as it is reported.

ESG Performance

ESG performance will fall if an organization cannot answer questions on current ESG transition plans, or if the organization does not know which ESG objectives are failing (or are likely to fail).

Standards Integration

Rapidly changing regulations make ESG standards tricky to keep up with. It becomes difficult to link metric performance of different disclosures to different organizations’ standards.

Global Frameworks

Manual processes and decentralization make it difficult to assure that ESG frameworks are reliable, accurate, and consistent with global standards and frameworks.

ESG Strategy and Roadmap

Define boundaries and scope of ESG risk management program and objectives.

Perform current state analysis, create target state alignment, and develop ESG roadmap.

Align to frameworks, organizational elements, and document initatives.

Materiality Mapping

Use Archer Engage to collect ESG topic impacts from key stakeholders

Stakeholders can be:
Internal (E4BU)
External (E4V)

“What matters most” to your organization

Metrics Library & Framework​

Create a library from major standards (i.e., GRC & SASB).

Assess and identify metric respondents.

Automate metric alignment to organizational structures and respondents.

Metrics Collection

Use Archer Engage to collect periodic metric results from owners.

Automate metrics requests on flexible frequences.

Monitor collection progresses across programs.

Dashboards & Reporting

Set metric thresholds at different levels (i.e., regions, countries, entities, etc.)

Report on performance against thresholds.

View metric performance across different levels.

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