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It’s a tale that managers know well: companies eager to improve the integration of their risk management environments find themselves blocked by endless hurdles. Clunky integration and complex interfaces chip away at a team’s time and resources, turning deep integration with your Archer environment into a complex mess.

CastleHill Software believes developing external applications for your Archer environment should be an elegant and intuitive process. That’s why they developed a solution: the Estrelica.Core.

CastleHill’s Estrelica.Core provides the flexibility and functionality companies need to develop applications that support a fully integrated risk management environment with Archer. The Estrelica.Core’s brand-new interface is specially designed to ease development, improve performance and reduce costs by:

  • Building well-documented Archer shortcuts for common development tasks;
  • Interfacing with Archer’s user access and permissions framework;
  • Drastically simplifying the understanding and use of Archer APIs;
  • Unlocking new opportunities for integration and advanced applications.

Furthermore, the Estrelica.Core allows developers to build their application without any special training or familiarity with Archer — empowering team members to spend valuable time on other projects.

Watch below as Chief Architect Scott Taylor and Archer Project Lead Pete Martin present an in-depth demo of CastleHill’s new offering, the Estrelica.Core. Contact us at and never start an integration project from scratch again!