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Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or someone who is just learning the platform, our industry experts are here to help to ensure you reach peak efficiency while using RSA Archer. We sat down with one of our Industry experts, Eric Ebert, and he shared his tips on how you could reach peak efficiency using RSA Archer.

1. Manage your preferences

Often overlooked, all users have access to a subset of options specific to their account. By clicking on the username in the top right corner of any Archer instance, a user can update their profile, workspace display and email subscriptions:

  • User Profile: Allows you to quickly update your password, add additional emails or company details, and change your time zone or language preferences.
  • Workspace Display: Choose what you want to see and where you want to see it by selecting only the workspaces that apply to your job.
  • Email Subscriptions: Many notifications set up in Archer as optional for end users. If you want to opt out of unwanted emails, check here to unsubscribe.

2. Make your home page your space

Archer users have the choice between using the task-driven landing page (which shows Tasks and Activity) or a specific workspace dashboard. If your company is not utilizing Archer’s Task Management capabilities, you may want to choose the latter. However, the task-driven landing page does offer the added benefit of creating customized buttons to add records in applications of your choosing.

3. Quick links can save time

When viewing a list of records in a report, Archer has some handy tools to help streamline editing or reviewing multiple records. Right click on any record and you are presented with options to open the record in a new window or tab as well as print or export. For records you have permission to modify, the option to open the record in Edit mode, recalculate or check access. This feature makes quick work of opening a number of records simultaneously for review or modification.

4. Reports, reports, reports

Reporting is the most crucial aspect of Archer usability. If you know the ins and outs of reporting you can find the data you need quickly and ease the burden of your work tremendously. Modifying reports can seem daunting, but a few simple techniques will vastly improve your ability to find the data you want.

  • Filters: Filters allow you to limit search results by field-level data. From the Modify options, select a field to filter and limit the data set the report returns. You can filter by keywords, dates, values or a combination of them all.
  • Add New Relationship: Want to report on data in your Controls but only for Risks in your Human Resources department? You can by clicking “Add New Relationship” on the Modify screen. Adding a second module to your search can infinitely expand your ability report on key data. Combine it with the filters and you’ll also be able to add new depth to your reporting.
  • Refine By: If you want to quickly filter the data in an existing report, use the Refine By options to limit what is returned.
  • Manage Columns: Similar to Refine By, this option lets you add and remove fields on the fly without using the Modify option.
  • Save: Got a report you like? Save it! You should always have the ability to save personal reports (talk to your administrator if the option isn’t readily available).Saving reports saves you time so you can quickly access the information you need, the way you like it presented.

5. Ask for help

When all else fails, don’t be afraid to ask for some help. The question mark icon in the top right corner of the Archer application links to the online guidance created by RSA. This searchable database can provide answers on the fly if you’re looking at trying something new or can’t quite remember where to find a particular feature.

Eric Ebert is a Senior GRC Consultant for CastleHill Managed Risk Solutions. He has been with CastleHill for 2 years, but has been using RSA Archer for over 7 years now.