CastleHill identifies subsets of appropriate baseline regulations, policies, and supporting processes based on the client’s industry and operational risk profile (i.e., geographical classifications, demographics, services and product offerings etc.). Across each of these subset types, risk relationships are created that identify enterprise dependencies, alignment to business objects and specific risk related activities such as an assessment, development of assessment questions or training. CastleHill Managed Risk Solutions, Risk Management and Compliance Risk Assessment services leverage this capability to drive improvements to change management, communications, notification and reporting processes.
CastleHill monitors the Operations environment for accuracy and control effectiveness through a combination of Managed Assessments, Risk Data Aggregation, reporting and automated functions. CastleHill Managed Services also provide advance notification of potential impacts to the Operations environment early on, mitigating risks associated with inertia and delayed responses due to internal policy changes or the regulatory landscape. Delivery of this proactive posture supports strong governance, actionable reporting, rapid evaluation of risk indicators and, when necessary, rapid procedural modification.
CastleHill Compliance Risk Assessment and Risk Management services consistently and objectively manage the evaluation of at risk environments with a minimum of disruption and a high degree of effectiveness. Comprehensive well managed processes surpass simple evaluation of minimum standards, evaluating not only pass/fail criteria but the training and functional understanding of employees as well; all tied to Governance and Operation documentation relationships addressed previously. Additionally, the CastleHill service portfolio continually evaluates response quality and supports credible challenge ensuring assessment results remain unbiased, enabling accurate evaluation of an environments’ health. Assurance drives the principles of continuous improvement, continuous feedback loops and the provisioning of actionable data allowing CastleHill to quickly identify operational areas requiring remediation and facilitate those actions that provide a path to improvement in overall performance, resulting in a transparent, scalable and sustainable Compliance environment.
Within the Governance, Operations, and Assurance domains, we generate feedback and data that captures detailed history, informs in real time, and drives change against variables that influence future performance. Data driven changes may include, for example, modifications to policies, process, or customer facing procedures, modification of Service Level Agreements, upper and lower spec limits, or the calculations supporting control limits. In aggregate, CastleHill’s comprehensive reporting is designed to support a broad range of product features and user interactions. Capability ranges from simple criteria-based alerts to executive dashboards. Default capability, available in the Associate service level, includes basic to advanced email-based notifications and simple, tabular reporting with basic visualizations. The Advisor and Partner service levels support a much broader, richer feature set including, but not limited to, a full array of metrics reporting, scorecards, multi-dimensional trending,